"My bike is so awesome!" 

-Katie Mason, Elite-level triathlete

"My first ride since you tuned it - GWB to Nyack loop. The bike has never ridden as quiet and smooth. I was really blown away - you're a magician. Thanks!"

-Morris Benun, Iron ManTriathlete

"My bike is amazing. It never rode so well - even when it was new. In all the years that I've been riding I don't remember seeing such a small clearance between the brake pads and the rim - again even when my bikes were new. It was almost totally quiet - just the whir of the wheels... 

And, of course, you picked up and delivered at the times you said you would"

-Jeff Keltz (who rides about 20k miles/yr)

"Whoa...that was fast! Great price for the work also!"

-D Mark Carter, Brooklyn Velo Force

"Michael, based on your effort, you were rated the best mechanic in my book...now...you are beyond category. Way beyond reasonable expectations."

 -Cecil Bakalor, Ultra-distance triathlete